Thursday, November 8, 2012

An Important Milestone for Seabury

This weekend marked the achievement of a long time goal for Seabury, and a major milestone in our school’s history.  After an arduous process and years of hard work on the part of faculty, staff and the board of trustees, Seabury achieved full accreditation with the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools (PNAIS). 

Seabury is licensed and accredited by a number of agencies including the Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Washington Department of Early Learning, and has been a member of PNAIS since shortly after we were founded in 1989.  But achieving full accredited member status with PNAIS is recognition of our maturity as an institution and of the high quality of our program and governance.  It is something to be truly proud of.

PNAIS’ accreditation standards are the most rigorous available for independent schools in our region, and are based on best practices that ensure high quality educational programs in line with the school’s individual mission, promote a culture of continual improvement, focus on strategic planning and decision-making, demand fiscal responsibility and sustainability, and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to quality.  PNAIS accreditation standards have guided Seabury’s development and will continue to ensure education at Seabury is a school where implementation of best practices, ongoing school improvement and commitment to our mission are the standards we hold ourselves to.

I am so proud of our school, our staff and faculty, our board of trustees, our students, our families our alums, our friends, and all who have contributed to Seabury becoming the school that it is today!  There is still much to be done to accomplish our goal of serving gifted children from across the South Sound and becoming a center for gifted education in our region.  But receiving this recognition reminds us to pause and reflect on how much we have achieved as a school and to be grateful for the dedication and hard work of all who have made this day possible.   There is still much to be done – our dreams for our little school are very large.  But today I am thankful to share this moment with all of you who care about Seabury, its mission and its incredible kids! 

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