Thursday, September 27, 2012

Parents Love to Learn Too!!

We are having a great time at Seabury!!  Seabury's classrooms are filled with students who are hungry to explore, discover, create and ask questions.  One of the joys of working with gifted students is to see the amazing connections they make - the leaps in their learning that happen every day.  If you aren't already following our classroom blogs to see what our teachers are doing each week, you are encouraged to check them out at our family website, under the "Classrooms" tab.  And if you want to know more about just what it is that makes gifted kids different as learners, check out this article about a program for gifted preschool children that was recently shared with us.

But our students aren't the only ones at Seabury who are hungry for learning.  Our parents love to learn too, and since raising gifted children can be both a joy and a challenge, parents are often looking for support and information that will help them better meet their children's needs.  We are so excited to have a number of incredible opportunities for parent learning this year!

On Thursday, October 18 at 7 pm, one of the nation's leaders in gifted education, the founder of SENG (Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted), Dr. Jim Webb, will be offering an evening presentation for parents called, "Being Bright is Not Enough."  Seabury parents, friends and the community is invited to join us in the Commerce Room at the Tacoma Convention Center at 7 pm to hear Dr. Webb talk about what gifted children need to thrive as students and in life.  Dr. Webb is the author of many books for parents and teachers of gifted students including A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children, the book used across the country in SENG Model Parent Groups.  It is a tremendous privilege to have him in our community, and Seabury is very excited to be hosting his presentation.

On the Saturday after Dr. Webb's presentation, teachers and administrators from across the state of Washington will be converging at the Hotel Murano for the annual WAETAG conference (Washington Association of Educators of the Talented and Gifted).  On Saturday, October 20, there will also be a strand of sessions offered for parents of gifted children.  Seabury's staff is thrilled to be presenting three of the breakout sessions offered at the conference, and many of our teachers will be there as part of our continuing education program for staff.

Seabury will be hosting its own SENG Model Parent Group beginning in January this year, and parents are encouraged to participate in this facilitated, eight week discussion group that will help you better understand your gifted child and connect with resources that help you in your parenting.  It is a unique opportunity to build relationships over time with a group of parents that share the thrills and spills of raising gifted children in the company of extensively trained, skilled facilitators.  Seabury is fortunate to have Callie Stoker-Graham, a parent of two gifted children, and Dr. Kelly Brown, a Seabury parent and psychologist, serve as facilitators for our group.

These are just a few of the many opportunities for parents to learn more about their gifted children this year.  I encourage you to join us, as well as to get to know other parents at Seabury.  We parents of gifted children have a wonderful job - but it's hard!!  We need to help each other!  Seabury creates opportunities for parents to support and encourage each other as well as our children.  You are invited to take advantage of those opportunities!

It is a blessing to be part of a community so dedicated to our children.  I look forward to a great year!!

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