Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome to School!!

Our first two weeks of school have been an amazing time of learning, laughing, reconnecting with old friends and making new friends. Several parents have remarked to me that their children are so happy to be back at school and immersed in discovery in their classrooms. Our teachers have been bragging about how great their students are, and are already moving full steam ahead into the curriculum.

As we begin another year together, I’d encourage parents to consider the following ways you can support your child and make their experience at Seabury the best it can be:
  1. Be in contact with your child’s teacher about both questions and successes. Teachers want to do the best they can for your child.  Your input is critical to their success, and your child’s too. Let them know both what is working and what isn’t as effective. Let them know about issues at home that might affect your child's experience at school. Let them know what your child is doing and accomplishing outside of school so we can celebrate with you.  Our teachers work incredibly hard tailoring the program to meet the needs of individual students.  They not only love to hear how they can make things better, but love to hear what you are happy about!
  2. Get involved in family activities. Attend PBC meetings and events. Get together with other families from your child’s classroom. You will find that parents at Seabury share many of the experiences you are having with both the challenges and joys of raising gifted children. We have found that it isn’t only our children who form lasting friendships at Seabury, but their parents do as well. Our community is made up of amazing people – get to know them and you will be glad you did!
  3. Educate yourself about gifted children and gifted education. Check out the Hoagies Gifted website,, a clearinghouse for information about gifted children. Take a look at the SENG website to learn more about the social – emotional – developmental needs of gifted children (, and while you are there, vote for them in the Pepsi Refresh Everything grant competition. Take part in classes Seabury will offer during the year for parents, and tell others about them. Knowing more about how gifted children learn and grow will help you as a parent, and will help you understand the unique elements of Seabury’s program and curriculum.
The staff and I are doing everything we can to make this a positive, successful year of growth for your children. Thank you for entrusting them to our care. We are privileged to do the work that we do, and are grateful for your support!

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